We’re changing the way modern entrepreneurs connect with their customers and followers... one video at a time. 

Knowing how to use video correctly will help you reach a wider audience, make more money, and ultimately grow your business by leaps and bounds.

Andrea Corson is an Emmy-nominated television producer, digital strategist and consultant. She has created awesome video for a wide range of clients including Google, Disney, CoverGirl, DSW, Carnival Cruise Line, & Nordstrom,  a​long with​ an impressive roster of start-ups, bloggers, and course creators.

A long-time blogger and creative, Andrea has alway 
been incredibly passionate about helping her  ​fellow creatives grow their businesses and audiences, and consequently​ ​launched Video Pop, helping these 
modern entrepreneurs learn how to create the best possible social video for their blogs and social channels.
Strategy that WORKS to create organic connection with your customers or clients through video
x How to lay the right foundation for video, the kind that will get you results
x How to use the MOST EFFECTIVE form of marketing to your advantage to grow your business exponentially
x How to use video content marketing to your advantage to create a fan for life customers 
x How to do all of this as effectively and efficiently as possible, so you have more time to focus on your business, on your life, and your family